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frequently asked Questions


How long does the recruitment process take?


  • The recruitment process for nurses from third countries (non-EU countries) usually takes 6 - 8 months. After the nursing staff has entered Germany, the training phase begins and lasts about 6 months. During this time, the health and nursing staff can already work as auxiliary staff.


What guarantees do I have as an entrepreneur?


  • Should the case arise that a candidate cannot stay in Germany, we will fill this position again within the probationary period.


Are the candidates' training papers real?


  • The training papers must be confirmed in the home country by approved German authorities.


What do foreign workers have to earn?


  • Foreign workers must be equal to German workers and earn at least as much as their German colleagues.


Who is responsible for the accommodation?


  • As a rule, the employer takes care of the accommodation of his new foreign employees. Accommodation can be in "nurses' rooms" or in a furnished apartment (shared accommodation).






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